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Ray Lindsay: Teaching Pro of the Year. CSA's Top Div. I Women's Programs. Discovering Detroit. Face First Into the Wall. ISA College Showcase.

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For BBC coverage, please click here. To read Pro Squash Tour's announcement, please click here. To see Georgetta's recommendations and take on Detroit, please click here. India 1 and cover girl Dipika Pallikal went face first into the wall - hard into the wall. To see Dipika's dangerous moment, please click here.

Planning to play college squash? We've since been tipped off that there are no more tournaments to be broadcast this summer. Three card Monte - Yorkshire style. If you took advantage of that discount today, you wouldn't see a single new tournament broadcast. Dave and Mark Talbott : Two of the class acts in American squash.

US Open: Tournament History

Word is College Squash 's head coaches are huddling in Connecticut soon for a first of its kind retreat to plan for growth. Three of PSA's biggest international events Hong Kong Open , British Open , and El Gouna Egypt tournaments this season had to relocate late in the event because of unsafe court conditions, which prompted Squash Source blogger to tell them to stop trying in this Tweet. SquashSite's fan forum pages disappeared for an extended period. You can feel the ball incredibly well with this racquet, and the larger sweet spot allows for an excellent level of control , even on those short fast swings.

All in all Black Knight have produced something special, the Phenom Hex has a great blend of control and power. The Blaze LT has a very vibrant colour scheme , primarily consisting of a glossy purple colour , and also featuring white, yellow, and blue. The racquet also comes fully strung with orange Ashaway Supernick ZX strings. With a head-light balance point , and a gram unstrung frame weight , the Hex Blaze LT feels pretty quick to use!

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After some practice swings, I felt like this racquet really helps out with a short swing, and taking the ball early. This kind of weighting may mainly complement the short punchy swing, however, in terms of stiffness , this racquet is right in the middle. Wow, the long mains strings provided by the teardrop shape provide all the power you need. They have held up well against my heavy training schedule 12 sessions per week in the last few weeks, and I am excited to utilize them in competition next week in the Pan American Games in Peru.

Coming from a player of such a great standard with such experience in the sport as Chris, that is very high praise for the Blade 7.

The Asics Gel-Blade 7 Indoor Court Shoes are a great performance shoe designed to allow you to move your absolute best on court. Designed to be ultra-light, ultra-soft, ultra-flexible and ultra-low to the court, to allow your foot to work naturally , with little assistance from the shoe itself.

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The striking red mesh upper is super soft for extra comfort , combined with the black tongue, laces, midsection, and inner , I personally think the colour scheme looks great. Other than the obvious colour scheme difference , the biggest improvement featured on the Gel Blade 7 is the durability. As many players are well aware, squash shoes take a beating on the court. The grip also has breathable air holes to help absorb more sweat from your hand.

But I try to be as open-minded as possible when trying out different racquets! The strings had a soft feel to them , which allowed me to feel and control the ball very well on contact, and the 14X19 string pattern re-enforced this. The large cm2 head size gave the racquet a pretty generous sweet spot.

I also noticed that if you put the effort in, you will be rewarded with a surprising amount of power. But last of all, my favourite aspect was the touch , it felt incredibly satisfying to gently place balls into the front of the court with ease. The rest of the colour scheme is predominantly black , with white Tecnifibre branding in various places.

My personal favourite touch is on the butt of the racquet , it has a slick chrome Tecnifibre logo , with fightsmart underneath. I love little touches like this that make the racquet more unique! The first and main thing you feel when swinging a racquet is the balance and weighting , despite its slightly chunky appearance , the Suprem SB is a very light racquet.

With an unstrung weight of only grams and a pretty even balance point, this racquet feels easily maneuverable and it seems to favour a shorter swing over a larger swing. Some other new key features of the racquet include the thick Ellipsis Vario Shaft which increases the strength of the frame and the Sharp Edge Design which increases the aerodynamic ability of the Suprem SB.

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  • The racquet also comes with some of the best squash strings available the Tecnifibre Green 1. The longer mains provided me with even more power without sacrificing any control. The first week of May marked the last of my competitive tournaments for the squash season insert dance of joy here. Not only was my body prepared for a serious rest, but my brain was quite ready for a break from the competitive squash scene as well.


    When you start at the end of September and push through to the first of May you are bound to feel the effects emotionally and physically. That said, I am more than grateful to have achieved burn out! Burn out is a far better option than to not be out at all. In that respect having the opportunity to get physically and emotionally drained by it all is a blessing. This year, I am able to give that blessing a name — Derek Vandenbrink. I knew Derek as a member at my club. His wife picked up the game first, then his two daughters started to get active, then, he too got nipped by the squash bug.

    As a general rule, I tend not to ask people what they do as a profession. Due to all of this and more, I tend not to bring work up and therefore did not know what Derek did to bring home the proverbial bacon. I had just arrived back from a very physically challenging tournament The Howe Cup in Philadelphia. Admittedly, I was in over my head playing 1 on our team where I would have been significantly tested by the 5 spot players!! That, and playing in two difficult draws in one weekend, resulted in me being rather gimpy upon my return to the club for work the following Monday.

    My knee was twice its normal size with swelling. Derek noticed my laboured gait and started asking physio-type questions. Where does it hurt?

    How does it hurt? When does it hurt the most? What movements aggravate it the most etc. I gave him the quick and dirty background on my knee issues. Meniscus, cartilage, tibia twist, patella tracking disorder, arthritis, and inflammation, blah blah blah. Mostly in the right knee, but some in the left as well. I had of course been through the assessments, worked with a few physiotherapists, been to the sports docs and was doing what I could do to alleviate the situation as much as possible.

    Derek kindly offered that if I was open to it, he would be happy to do an assessment and see if he could help in any way. At this point I was almost ready to try anything, so we booked a date for the following day. I show up ready, but not really knowing what to expect. Derek proceeded to take me through several movement and mobility tests notably more than most of the physiotherapists had done to this point. He was thorough and detailed in his evaluation of my movement functionality and noted where some issues could be stemming from. I was immediately put at ease by his attention to detail and the little things that he pointed out along the way, such as my lack of wrist and ankle mobility.

    After the assessment, he walked me through some things he saw that, if worked on, could alleviate some of the pain I was experiencing in my knees and hips. Not me! This is where I was perfectly honest something about him spurs one to comfortably spill the truth. This was not my first rodeo, I was well aware that stretching is important, rolling of the muscles is a good thing, doing strength and conditioning is essential for overall health and can prevent certain overuse injuries.

    I know all of this. I will do some of it not very consistently , but what I will NOT do is work out alone. At the end of my truth spill and some further conversation, it was decided we would give this working together thing a shot.