If life deals you lemons make lemonade

Not all lemons are disastrous and detrimental. Sometimes, they are just parts of what you give and take in life. You may complain about no career growth, salary freeze, and so on but may fail to realize that your job gives you the opportunity to work flexibly and have the time you need to take care of your young child. Investments bankers compromise their work life balance to achieve their ambition and get the top-notch compensation that many people might dream of. You cannot always be lucky to find someone close as a friend and at the same time excellent as a colleague.

Those examples are all random, and there are many more to tell.

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My point is, depending on your motivation and personal situation, some lemons are just part of life that you have to live with. Practice a good habit of only using your complaints when necessary, and you are on a good start for a positive mindset. Remember one fact: Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I genuinely believe there is no such thing as pure negativity, or similarly pure optimism. Being positive is generally good, but being overly optimistic is not always the best approach to achieve your goal.

You will definitely find a way to use negativity to your advantage. When bad things happen or are about to happen, such negativity, if used in a tactful manner, can give you sufficient boost to work on your future course of actions and ensure you are always aware if you are on track. Negativity can be a friend or an enemy, and it is all up to you! If you start making too much lemonade, Think!

After all the inspirational thoughts above, I am still a pragmatic individual, I guess.

Sometimes, it is surprising to find out that many problems are actually rooted from nowhere else, no one else, but you. In reality, not all people adapt and cope up as easy as others might do. Dave Phillips. Every individual goes through adversity in their lives. As far back as I can remember, I have always looked for the silver lining even when those clouds were saturated and rolling out thunder and lightning.

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You see, my left foot was deformed at birth——to the point that numerous childhood surgeries could not correct it. When I was a freshman in high school, they finally amputated it. However, the years of disappointing surgeries, crutches, physical pain, and wearing a special built-up shoe never deterred my social interaction. I found other opportunities to actively compete with others in ways that I excelled. I became a skeet champion, outshooting more experienced and older shooters. I just did not let anything hold me back.

Even the bullying I faced as a child made me stronger, more determined. I learned to stand up for myself. There are always lessons to be learned with adversities, and challenges often lead to opportunities. All you need is one to open. Perhaps it was because of my own disability, I was so deeply honored and committed to the success of the Special Olympics World Games for , of which I served as chairman.

Those Special Olympians touched my heart and still do today. It was an amazing time in my life. The Special Olympians showed such amazing courage, strength, and positive energy that was so inspirational and continues to impact me today. Have the confidence to be visible in your real life, not just online.

Take an interest in the person standing right next to you. When life gives you lemons as it sometimes will, turn it into gratitude. We have a tendency to complain and be upset when things do not go our way. Also, focus on what you can learn from the seemingly negative situation. The brain literally produces more dopamine, which is a feel-good neurotransmitter, when we express gratitude. Gwen Smith, Ph. Many people ride the waves allowing it to affect the quality of their lives whether up or down.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

But despite the circumstances that present themselves, life can be quite enjoyable even in the face of pain and disappointments. This is not just theory for me. I have lived it and have been able to share my story in my most recent 1 Bestselling book released only just a few days ago. Truthfully, I never understood the depth of those words until relatively recently. When life gives you lemons, the perspective you take will determine whether or not they are bitter and indigestible, or satisfactory and peace-generating.

It is all about your perspective. For example, if every time you get a sum of money-something comes up that causes you to have to spend it, you can view that experience from two perspectives. First, you can look at it as just simply bad luck that you cannot keep your money. Something always happens to siphon it off. Similarly, viewing the pains and disappointments from the perspective that something good has to come out of it, suddenly changes the way you feel about what you are experiencing. All of a sudden your subconscious mind goes in search of the possible learning opportunities that you can generate from the experience.

And now you are in a space of creating from what you just learned from that experience, versus feeling defeated and sorry for yourself. Every experience in life is not to be wasted. They are for your own personal growth, power, and success. But if you fail to evoke your awareness which helps you decipher the possible views you can gather from those experiences, you stifle your growth, your fulfillment, and your happiness. This is when you use tools to help you soften the lemon so you can squeeze the juice to make lemonades instead. Teresa A. Lemons are a cleansing agent and improve digestive health.

So stay positive and focus on the grove and not the lemons.

Well, when Life Gives You Lemons! Funny Cereal Vine

A deep thick root anchors citrus trees, and only a few lemons dislodge at a time instead of all the fruit the tree is bearing. Related: What are the Benefits of Positive Thinking? If you try to make lemonade, you are attempting to change a natural occurrence you have no control over which may bring added frustration and heartache. When you fixate on the lemons, you may become stagnant in your condition which may prevent healing, stunt growth, and future success.

When Life Gives You Lemons Poster

Instead, accept your lemons and the lessons produced and view the predicament as an opportunity to grow stronger in a specific area of your life. When life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade and we all know lemonade is delicious! What else can you make with lemons? Lemon water, lemon chicken, lemon meringue pie— all delicious things!

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  • when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

The point is that you change your perception. If you look at lemons as sour and nasty, they serve no purpose and make you unhappy. But, if you see lemons for all the ways they can make delicious things, then your perception changes. Then, go eat some lemon meringue pie! Life handed me a truckload of lemons when my wife died at the age of It was a devastating time, but I also thought about how my then ten-year-old daughter would want us to carry on after the loss.

Would she want us to be morose and cry all the time or would want us to get on with our lives and keep the joyful memory of the person we loved alive? I chose the latter and set out to have an adventure with my daughter. We needed a reprieve. We needed something that would lift our spirits.

We needed something that would help us put our loss behind us. So I booked a trip on the ferry system on the Inside Passage in Alaska. It was the perfect thing to help take our mind off of our loss, at least for a while. The trip did all of that and more. It bonded us together. We still talk about some of those things today, many years later. What the experience taught me was that we can take the sour times that all of us will probably encounter sometime in our life and turn them into something more palatable.

Julee Hunt. Whenever faced with obstacles, look for the new direction you are being invited to take and see the gifts of the adventure. Fill your self-care bucket.