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What I like about the HSBC Student Credit Card

It's important to protect against the unexpected. Our guide is designed to help you plan whatever may happen. Individual Review. Apply now for a student bank account. This link will open in a new browser window. Once you've submitted your application, we'll send you the paperwork to sign and return to us either by post or in branch. Lines are open 8am to 8pm every day. Calls may be recorded.

You'll need to bring identification, proof of your address and a recent statement from your current bank and proof of your unconditional acceptance onto a qualifying course. Find your local branch.

HSBC Student Account: Everything You Need To Know

More details. Additional products and services. Things you should know. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Whilst you concentrate on your studies, you can rely on HSBC Student Insurance to take care of your personal possessions.

As such, cookies for this site are disabled. To log on to online banking and have access to all the features of our fully-optimised website, please enable your Javascript settings via your browser. For a list of all the cookies and what they do, please read our Cookie Policy. Register in app to start using today. We won't charge you any interest or fees for using your overdraft. If you try to make a withdrawal at any HSBC cash machine that would take you over your overdraft limit, you'll get an on-screen alert to let you know how much money you have available to withdraw.

You can also sign up to receive text alerts when your account balance drops below a certain amount. To set up a text alert, call us on Handy for emergencies, it's available subject to status and account conduct.

With Online Banking you can see your statements, pay your bills, update your address and much more. Manage your personal accounts easily and securely from your mobile phone. Using the HSBC Mobile Banking app you can view your balances and your last 90 transactions, make bill payments to existing beneficiaries and also transfer money between your accounts. It also has a handy branch and ATM locator in case you're out and about and need some cash not currently available on BlackBerry digital devices.

You can now pay friends and family registered for Paym, wherever you are, or whatever you're doing, using just their mobile number. Terms and conditions apply PDF. Get a balance enquiry, make credit card payments, obtain transaction details and transfer cash between accounts at any time, day or night with our automated service. Some links may allow you to access other websites. Please read the linked websites' terms and conditions. You can use your card to pay for goods and services wherever VISA is accepted. You can also use your card to withdraw local currency at cash machines worldwide and pay for goods and services worldwide wherever you see the VISA logo shown on your card.

Unless you agree that the currency conversion is done at the point of sale or withdrawal and agree the rate at that time, for example with the shopkeeper or on the self-service machine screen, the exchange rate that applies to any non-sterling debit card payments including cash withdrawals is the VISA Payment Scheme Exchange Rate applying on the day the conversion is made. For non-sterling foreign currency transactions we will charge a fee of 2.

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This fee will be shown as a separate line on your statement as a 'Non-Sterling Transaction Fee'. We will deduct the payment and the fee from your account once we receive details of the payment from the card scheme, at the latest, the next working day. Keeping on top of your finances can be quite tricky, especially if you're living away from home for the first time. Our Online Budget Calculator is a handy tool to help you better manage your money.

By using Smart Money People, you agree to our privacy policy. And remember, if And remember, if you are a HSBC customer, you can write a short review here to help other potential customers. Together, we can make financial services work better for everyone.

Absolutely rubbish. I called and they said they could do nothing. They gave me a significant overdraft, but were very poor at communicating any changes to my account. Poor communication, slow to deal with but they don't make too many mistakes. Mobile banking is poor, but is getting better slowly. This was very helpful as I was able to dip in and out of my overdraft for things like extra food, cheeky booze, This was very helpful as I was able to dip in and out of my overdraft for things like extra food, cheeky booze, partying and nights out, and trips back and forth home.

I wouldn't have been able to do that otherwise, so thank you HSBC for allowing me to do that!

HSBC Student Credit Card - MyWalletHero

Sometimes I find the staff helpful, other times procedures seem complex I. Online banking can be fiddly and the app is not compatible with my phone so can't use that, otherwise good fraud prevention service and overdraft amount for students. The student account is easy to set up and provides fantastic deals with interest and postgrad overdraft benefits.