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All that moisture creates the perfect environment for some nasty moulds and pathogens. Clean, green New Zealand is paradise for trees and grass. Unfortunately, plants produce pollen in abundance, which makes life difficult for those unlucky enough to suffer from allergies.

When you include the other common home allergens, such as dust mites and cat fur, our homes can easily become places of non-stop sneezing and snuffling. Really happy.

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On expiry of the interest free deferred period, the prevailing interest rate currently This system works effectively in older homes but more airtight homes should consider a Heat or Energy Recovery System that draws the stale air out as it introduces fresh air. This is also known as a Balanced Ventilation System.

How HRV Ventilation Works

The main component of a ventilation system is the fan. A 4-room system costs around 3c per hour.

Home Mechanical Ventilation in South Korea

Our standard ventilation systems can cover rooms. Additional kits can be utilised to extend to up to 12 rooms. Most ventilation systems rely on having a roof space to run the ducting to the various rooms. If you don't have a roof space your options are limited. Filters are recommended to be changed every 12 months for maximum effectiveness but your controller will indicate when it is necessary.

The great aspect about SmartVent filters is that you can easily change them yourself. Ask a question?

The ventilation system has proved, frankly, miraculous in eliminating our top priority issues of a regular, persistent morning window condensation on wintry mornings, and b recurrent mould on curtains, behind settees, besides cupboards, and besides bookshelves. Review this product?

Potential air quality problems (and solutions) in an apartment

Hate filling in forms? Call us direct Free Ventilation Advice If you're looking for advice on mechanical ventilation systems then give us a call. SmartVent Ventilation We have worked with a variety of leading ventilation brands and recommend SmartVent ventilation systems due to the superior performance, features and excellent back-up service.

New build homes face emerging ventilation crisis - stenerexedas.gq

Need home ventilation? Get free, no-pressure quotes Our advice and quotes on ventilation are free with no-obligation. First name. Last name.

Home Ventilation System incl. Installation

Phone numbers only, no spaces. Call us on How much does it cost to run a Ventilation system? How many rooms can a ventilation system cover? What if I don't have a roof space attic?


For suspended floors ie not a concrete floor you may be able to install ventilation ducts underfloor with floor vents. There are also through-the-wall options on a room by room basis. The SmartVent option for this incorporates heat recovery efficiency.