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Getting a bank account isn't the most important money step you'll take in college but it is one of the first.

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Chase Bank offers a Chase College Checking Account for college students 17 — 24 with proof of student status. You can't beat no fees plus free money! Chase is appealing because they have an enormous geographic footprint, which includes an extensive ATM network and brick and mortar branches.

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Learn More about Chase College Checking. SoFi stands for Social Finance and they're a big student loan company that has tons of events for college graduates. They recently launched their SoFi Money, a cash management account , that offers a great interest rate 1. It's a cash management account that sits on top of a bank account run by one of their partner banks so you're FDIC insured. What's best is that there is no minimum balance required and no account fees.

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We have a full review of SoFi Money. Learn More about SoFi Money.

The 7 Best Banks for Students in

Discover offers a Discover Cashback Debit Account that isn't specifically designed for college students but has all the features you'd want in one. Their debit account is an online checking account that has no minimum balance and no monthly fees whatsoever. As a student, this means you can continue to use this account as your checking main account after graduation. This is the everyday offer so you don't have to worry about promotions or things changing on you. Ally Bank has a great online savings and checking account that isn't specifically for students but is perfect for them.

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As an online bank, they have no minimums and no maintenance fee for all customers. All this on top of a very competitive interest rate, something you won't see at a traditional bank. While Ally is not specifically targeting college students, it's one of the best online banks, because all of it's standard features are just so good. They also offer free direct deposits, transfers and bill payments but that's standard.

Many secured credit cards are more expensive.

Best Banks for College Students

That's a nice little perk to help offset the cost. See all USAA cards. If you are a student under 24 years old high school, college, or vocational program , then you can get a Bank of America Advantage Banking it was recently renamed with no monthly maintenance fee. You get all the perks of a non-student account mobile banking, direct deposit, ATM cards minus the minimum balance requirements to avoid a fee.

You get full access to online and mobile banking, all the apps and tools of a non-student account bill pay, depositing checks, sending money with a U.

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Bank Visa Debit Card for your spending. If you want checks, you get your first order free. Bank just won't charge you. I had to include my old student account, PNC Bank offers a Virtual Wallet Student account that waives the monthly service charge for up to six years. There is no minimum balance requirement, no monthly maintenance fees, and there is no direct deposit requirement to get those fee waivers.

You may have to open your bank account in person, which means going into a branch and filling out paper documentation. There are numerous benefits to having a specific student bank account. Make sure you shop for the right deal for you. Benefits include:.

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Opening a bank account in the UK can take some time so it is best to have a plan in place while you wait to set one up. It might be safer to bring this on a prepaid credit card from your home country which enables you convert any funds to British pounds GBP. As you may need to visit in person, it is worth considering using a local branch of one of the main banks in the UK:. If you already have a bank account you might be able to switch to a student account, however it is still worth shopping around for the best deal for you.

Each bank will have its own standards and processes before you are able to open a student account. We recommend that you have the following ready before you apply:. Seeing as you may need to visit in person, it is worth considering using a local branch of one of the main banks in the UK:. What are you looking for? Main menu. In this section. International student accounts. UK bank accounts A UK bank account is the best way to pay your bills, manage your money and keep it safe.